Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nature Mild

We visited my sister and she gave me this set of beauty products from Nature Mild.
They are set of shampoo, rinse, and body cleanser. I haven't tried them, yet but the I like the smell of it. I have to use what is in the bathroom first. What I have noticed about them were the wrong spelling of rinse and cleanser. Instead or rinse, it is written "rince" and cleanser spelled as "cleanger". How could this product went to the market? Wasn't there any worker in that company who could speak English or could spell rinse and cleanser? Or at least they had to check out in the dictionary first before they delivered to the markets.

Can you also see the bottles? They are a little bit ruined because the box is too small for the shampoo, rinse and body cleanser. I've got bad impressions of its outside appearance so I'm hoping that the inside or the content will impress me.

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