Sunday, April 26, 2009

My ice cream cellphone

I've got a new friend! It's my new pink cellphone that my hubby bought for me. Although my old cellphone still looks new, I prefer this pink ice cream cellphone. It looks like this when it's close and I don't get any call or message,

but the lights appear when after opening it. The time would change to another icons or emoticons when I received messages or calls. There are lots of beautiful icons, emoticons and backgrounds to use on the screen. Besides from the camera, video, mp3 and dictionary, I can also use the video call (you can see each others face while calling) like my old cp but this new one also has subway map, world clock, more fun games, and pocket recipe. And I can store more messages.

And of course I've got another free stuffs.

I'm still studying the manual book so that I can discover more about this ice cream cellphone.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hand Lotion and my free stuffs

I received a message on my cellphone from The Face Shop cosmetics store. It says I could receive a present if I would purchase over $7. I had to get the present but I didn't know what to buy. Then I thought it would be better if I could also change my hand lotion with the face shop.

I use to Atrix Strong Protection Lotion in the winter and Neutrogena New Hands Hand Cream with Soybean Extract SPF 18 in the summer. Neutrogena SPF 18 also helps reduce and prevent brown spots but it dries my hands and it's expensive so I only use it in the summer. Atrix moisturizes the skin so I like it in the winter. But because of the present that I'd like to have so I switch to Rich Hand with Almond. (The round one that looks like my Massaging Cleansing Cream.)

Rich Hand Almond is a non-sticky, easily absorbed moisturizer that delivers mositure and softness to dry and rough hands. It is an Organic Marula Oil for hand and foot treatment. You can see the good effect as soon as you use it but I don't like the oil smell.

And here's what I got as a present. A set of Wrinkle Stop (Absolute). A toner, emulsion and cream.

I tried not to do this Spoon Massage to know if it will work well on me and yes, it does.

Besides from Wrinkle Stop, I also received that make up wet tissue (the blue one at the 2nd picture) and mask (white one).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Body lotion and feet gloves

My mother in law came here again. She said she bought this iflorr Garden Aroma Body Lotion for me. I showed her this lotion that I bought two months ago that I haven't used, yet. But she said this lotion is much better.

Eventhough it's not better but it's a present and it's from her so I have to accept it. I love presents and free things, don't you? The lotion has a good smell and it's for all skin types. My mother in law said it's not just a body lotion because it's also good to use for the face. Really? I tried it for my body and it's not bad specially the aroma smell. I like it.

Btw, as you can see the picture, my mother in law didn't only buy for me but also for my hubby. Those socks where you can insert your toes are for my hubby. I called them feet gloves because of those fingers design.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tips for your diet

I don't know it's hard for others to lose weight. Or why they eat much and then complained later. Well, it's really hard to lose weight if you don't know how to balance your diet. Thanks to my hubby because he's a big help in watching my weight. He always reminds me that I'm gaining weight so when I hear those words then I start to discipline myself. Here are some tips that I can give you in order not to gain weight.

1. I don't put much rice in my bowl. I put a little or just enough.
2. I eat slowly. I get full easily when I chew the food well. Eating slowly is also good for our health.
3. I always brush my teeth after eating. Even when I just drink coffee or any snacks. So even when I really want to eat or have a taste with something, I'm worried about my teeth or too lazy to brush them again so I choose not eat.
4. Don't eat anything late at night.
5. Avoid too much beer or alcohol.

That's all for now. I'm gonna add more later. It's time to go to bed.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Get that job

Who said that it's hard to find a job or hard to get the position that you want in your company? Of course it is, if you don't know about the job hunting experts. If you are willing to get the job that you're looking for, join some workshops and seminars to learn about the position that you wish to hold. The free job networking event is waiting for you on May 6th where they are giving education for job hunters. Don't miss that opportunity.

Do you wanna know if you are an effective job hunter? Take the ninja quiz and find out if you meet the standards of a job hunter. Or take the resume help quiz and get the chance to win the resume makeover contest. Resume is one of the most important documents that we need when applying a job so it's important to have the best resume to get the job that we want.

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Set of shampoo and rinse

I went to the market today to get some groceries and I saw that my shampoo and rinse brand is on sale so I bought a set of it. I got this set for about $20. A bottle of shampoo, a bottle of rinse and another or shampoo in a big pack.

When I came home I checked out my closet where I put my stocks and I saw that I still have 4 bottles of rinse except the one in the bathroom that i'm using. I still have a bottle of this elastine rinse that I also got on sale and bought even when I still had some at home. I also have this Basic Care Conditioning Complex pH control, and these two bottles of Rice day rinse.

I'm always attracted with on sale products specially when I see my brand. I don't know if it's right but I don't think of it as bad, either. I just think that it's better to get it in advance while it's on sale rather than buying when I need it and when the price is high. Anyway, I can use it someday so I think there's nothing wrong with that.

A bottle of shampoo is more than $10 when it's not on sale. Plus the rinse and a big pack of shampoo so just imagine how much I saved.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mayonnaise for softer and shinier hair

I've been using hot water for many months when I take a shower so my hair is dry although it doesn't have any split ends. I never got worried with my dry hair because I know a good way on how to make it soft and shinier. I use mayonnaise and here what I do. I put some mayonnaise on my hair and wait for about 20 minutes before washing it with shampoo and rinse. You have to use much shampoo because mayonnaise makes your hair too oily so you should double the amount of shampoo that you use.

You'll see the difference after washing your hair. The hair is softer and shinier. Why don't you try and see if it also works for you.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wrinkle cream

I'm sometimes shy to tell my real age when somebody asked about my age. I know I'm getting older and I can't hide it because of my wrinkles. I tried different kinds of cream including the expensive ones but I can't see any changes on my face. I'm always worried and afraid to look older but I can't avoid it because of my job. I get lots of stress at work and I'm always tired not to mention that I always sleep late and can't get enough sleep. But now, I think I already got the answer on my problem because I found the best wrinkle cream that most customers trusted. There are lots of wrinkle cream to choose from that the customers gave their honest wrinkle cream reviews so you can find the best one for you.

Who doesn't want to stay and look younger? Who doesn't want the best wrinkle cream that we need? Well, we're so lucky because we already found the best solution to our worries. If you are looking for the best and trusted wrinkle cream whether for you, for your mom, or a present for your mother in law, then you need this wrinkle site where you can find the right wrinkle cream that you are looking for. Check it out now and choose the right one for you!