Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Three Minute Massage Skin Massage

A Three Minute Massage with Gyeol Improves Skin Complexion

*Massaging the skin for 3 minutes with Gyeol Products makes skin complexion bright and healthy.*

1. Rub your hands together, and press the lymph area behind the ears with your warm hands.
2. Gently press the spot next to the nostrils.
3. Gently press the bones around the eye socket.
4. Massage the lymph area in front of the ears.
5. Move your finger tips towards your temples and gently press.
6. Wrap your face with two hands and rest.

I tried it and I think it's not only food for the skin but also makes your mind and body relax. It's so relaxing specially if you it with your eyes closed.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Oriental Gyeol Toner, Emulsion, Serum, and Eye Cream

The Oriental Gyeol Toner, Emulsion, Serum, and Eye Cream

My hubby and I tried the TonyMoly Gyeol Whitening and my hubby said it's really good for the skin. It makes his skin soft and moisture so he said he wants to buy another set of cosmetics. This time it's for Wrinkles so he went to the department store again and bought The Oriental Gyeol Toner, Emulsion, Serum, and Eye Cream.

He just bought the toner, emulsion, serum and eye cream and the rest are free.

Toner = This liquid moisturizes the skin and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. This liquid provides vitality and energy to the skin by taking care of your skin's own beauty and texture. It's earthenware-fermented ingredients make skin tone brighter while moisturizing skin, leaving y our skin feel clean and refreshed, It's premium traditional Korean herbal ingredients make the skin soft and smooth as well.
Direction: After washing your face and applying the oriental gyeol booster, apply an appropriate amount of this liquid along the skin's texture and gently pat to enhance absorption.

Emulsion: This moisturizing lotion provides moisture and firmness to the skin. This lotion revitalizes and energizes the skin by taking care of the skin's own beauty and texture. It moisturizes dry skin and leaves skin smooth and soft as you rub the lotion into the skin in a rolling motion. It'ss active ingredient of Inca omega oil protects the skin's texture and forms a moisturizing protective film, keeping skin feeling moist and radiant.
Direction: Take an adequate amount of the product, gently apply to a face and neck area.

Serum= The highly concentrated traditional Korean herbal serum takes care of the skin's radiance and texture. This traditional Korean herbal nutrient serum reduces wrinkles and revitalies and energizes the skin by taking care of the skin's own beauty and textures The active ingredients of Hirudinea Extract provides vitality to the skin and makes skin tone bright and healthy. Highly concentrated essence provides firmness to skin. .The active ingredient of deer antler collagen extract moisturizes skin by providing nutrients deep in the skin.
Direction: Take an adequate amount of the product., gently apply to a face and neck area.

Eye Cream= Traditional Korean herbal eye cream provides vitality and firmness to the skin's texture around the eyes. The traditional Korean herbal eye cream reduces wrinkles and revitalizes and energizes the skin by taking care of the skin's own beauty and texture. It makes the skin around the eyes look bright by taking care of the internal and external elemenets that make the skin look dull. As it is absorbed into the skin, it firms up the skin around the eyes and forms a dense protective film, making the skin feeling smooth and moist.
Direction: Apply an appropriate amount to the skin around the eyes and spread thinly. Pat gently for better absorption.

Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes Keep out o reach of children. Discontinue use f signs of irritation and/or rash appear.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TonyMoly The Oriental Gyeol Whitening

TonyMoly The Oriental Gyeol Whitening

My hubby called and asked if I still have my TonyMoly Cosmetics. I said I already used the cream and the bottles of toner and moisturizers are almost empty. He said he would buy for me so he came home with this.

He bought two sets of Oriental Gyeol Whitening. He said it's on sale and it's due is until 2015 so he decided to buy two. Wow! Great!

The Oriental Gyeol Whitening = This traditional Korean herbal hanbang whitening product line provides a simply 3-step care system for skin purification, moisturization, and complexion control. TONYMOLY 3-step whitening skin care makes your skin look bright and transparent. This product line contains premium traditional Korean herbal hanbang ingredients such as Baegok Balsaekdan that makes skin complexion as bright as white jade by taking care of skin pigmentation factors such as collagen, hemoglobin and melanin; hirudinea extract (dried leeches), and Cheongyeol Boyundan (amur cork tree bark, snake gourd root, jujube), which make skin look bright and clear by providing a 3-step skin whitening care for skin purification, moisturization and complexion control of dry, rough skin affected by sunlight and heat.

The Oriental Gyeol Whitening Toner = This traditional korean herbal hanbang whitening toner contains a fermented hemp extract with a skin purification effect that makes dull skin complexion look bright and radiant, as well as gall apple extract, which has an astringent effect that makes the skin firm and smooth.

The Oriental Gyeol Whitening Emulsion = This traditional Korean herbal hanbang whitening lotion contains whitening capsules, which contains a lot of skin moisturizing substances, as well as elm tree extract, which opens up a water path over the skin and makes the skin moisturized and look bright.

The Oriental Gyeol Whitening Eye Cream = This traditional Korean herbal hanbang whitening eye cream contains lotus flower water and orchid extract, which provides moisturized and a refreshing feel to the irritated, rough skin around the eyes that is affected by heat and sunlight.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Domina (Hydroquinone) Cream for Freckles

Domina (Hydroquinone) Cream for Freckles

I tried different kinds of cosmetics and remedies on how to remove freckles but nothing worked well. St. Dalfour worked but not so well. Besides, my freckles appeared again after I stopped using it. I also tried lemon, garlic, and other remedies that I surfed on the internet but nothing happened. I even tried to drink vinegar everyday and eat beans every night but nothing worked.

Among the cosmetics and remedies that I've ever used Domina Cream is the best! My hubby said, why didn't he know about this cream before? It seems like he's blaming himself for not buying Domina (Hydroquinone) Medical Whitening Cream earlier. It's really great for freckles and any dark spots.

We can buy it at the drugstore. You can never find it at the cosmetics store because it's a kind of medicine that cures freckles.

It's just uncomfortable to use it because your face makes it too oily and wet at night. I think it's how the cream work. And... never go out in the sun when you use it. Always put on sunblock, wear a mask and use an umbrella when you go out or else it will ruin your face instead of curing it. It's too uncomfortable but you will be surprised of the outcome after using it even in just for a few days.

I'm really satisfied with Domina Cream although it makes me feel uncomfortable at night and when I go out but you will relieved when you see how it works on your face.

It's a little bit expensive, 60g costs more than $40 but your freckles will disappear before you can empty the bottle.

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