Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He likes my new shoes

Oh yeah, I got another shoes and my hubby likes them. When I showed them to him, he said they are not bad. They are not bad means they are good? Okay, that only means that he likes them, right?

I usually go downtown when I finished my work earlier than my usual time. My co-worker said, I love going downtown. Not really! I just go there when I have nothing to do or when I get stressed at work. Buying something can release stress, don't you think so?

Anyway, forget about that stress and see what I've got!

What do you think of them?


kingkay said...

okay ung new shoes mo...hahaha, kung sanay lng ako magsuot ng may heels e magsusuot ako kya lng mabilis sumakit ang legs ko, kya mas madalas akong naka-flats... btw, i'm adding you to my list.. Thanks!

Edelweiza said...

lovely pair.. :)