Sunday, September 28, 2008

My old new shoes you remember my post here? Yeah, I went back to the store and bought them. Here they are! My old new shoes.

I say my old new shoes because they are my new shoes that hubby said they are old style shoes that old woman long time ago wore. Ouch! He blamed me for not taking a picture first before buying them. In short he doesn't like them. But he's kind enough to let me wear them. Because when I said that I like them so much, he just said to wear them rarely. Oh well, it's so sad that they didn't pass in my hubby's taste. How about you? What do you think of them?

If you don't like the shoes, I hope you will like this.
I also bought this summer cloth. I was going to the bus stop when I saw it on sale so I bought it. Although I can't wear it now because it's already fall, but i'll make sure to wear it in the summer. I like the cross back style so I bought it and it fits well on me.

Here's my tip on buying clothes. When its cold most summer clothes are on sale and vice versa. So I sometimes take this opportunity to buy some clothes for a very low price.

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