Monday, February 11, 2013

Face it Maxx' Eye Mascara

My eyes are one of my assets so I always give more attention to them. Eyebrows and mascara are my MUST HAVE items. I always wear them when I go out so I spend much mascara and try to choose the best ones.

Today, I went to my favorite cosmetics shop because I need suncream. As you know, I always wear suncream even in winter and when I'm at home. I was looking for my brand when I saw this new brand of mascara from Face it, the Maxx' Eye Mascara Plus Long Lash. The more coats, longer eyelash extensions. It has 2-comb brush for double lengthening effects. A new concept in last extension by lengthening lashes as much as you desire by applying several coats with a nylon brush and a comb brush.

I tried it once and I can see that my eyelashes are getting longer every time I wear this mascara. My co-workers even asked if I wear fake eyelashes. When I said they are real, someone tried to pull some before they believed me. Even when I don't wear mascara it seems like my eyelashes got longer. But the problem is, my eyes sometimes painful when I wear it for a long time. In my case, I stay at work all day until night so I can't wash my eyes so sometimes they are painful and tears fall down so I wipe my eyes with tissue after a few hours. I think it's because I have oily skin so when my eyes gets wet, the mascara goes to my eyes and it causes some pain.

Here's the direction on how to use the mascara. First, use the nylon brush of the 2-comb brush to arrange brushes neatly from their roots to tips. Next, use the comb brush to fully coat the lashes with mascara and fiber. (For maximum effects, coat several times.) If there are any clamps, use the nylon brush to remove them and arrange the lashes neatly.

Caution: Wash immediately if formula enters eye. Discontinue using the product if it causes skin problems. After each use, close the lid tightly to prevent the content from hardening.

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