Sunday, January 15, 2012

Atrix Strong Protection Cream

I have handlotion that my co-worker gave me but I don't use it often. I just like the smell of the cranberry scent but it dries my hands. My skin is still dry even if I use it many times so I told my hubby to buy me my brand lotion. He went to the supermarket and bought me this Atrix Strong Protection with Aloe Vera hand lotion.

He said he can save more with this newly pack hand lotion so he got one for $4 only.

There are two hand lotions. One contains 150ml and the small one is 60ml. I use much lotion now a days because of the weather. My hubby doesn't usually use lotion but when he tried it, he said it's really good one. It doesn't have a good smell but it moisturizes the skin.

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