Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Make-Up Cabinet

I always post something about my cosmetics and I guess you're wondering what my cabinet looks like so I took a picture of the right side of my cabinet where I put some of my cosmetics.

On the upper part are the set of tony moly (I still have some), hand cream and sunscreen. In the middle part of the cabinet are sunscreen, bb cream, lotion, night mask pack, essence, domina cream, and concealer. At the lowest part is the tosowoong set that I've mentioned in my former post. My cabinet has a mirror with secret drawer inside. If you open the mirror (the mirror stands as the door of the cabinet), there's another drawer and inside it are the free stuffs and other cosmetics that I bought but not using anymore. Either it doesn't suit my skin or my hubby doesn't want me to continue to use it. Also, there's another drawer where my small stuffs like lipsticks, mascara, eye shadows, foundation, etc. are put.

I'm gonna take pictures of the rest of my cabinet next time.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tosowoong Cosmetics in my Cabinet

Here's the set of cosmetics that my hubby bought from tosowoong. The cosmetics that I've mentioned on my previous post. I put six steps of the set of cosmetics before I go to bed. From first essence, then toner, next is oil essence, then eye wrinkle, next emulsion and finally the cream.

It's not easy to be a woman because there are lots of cosmetics to put even when we just go to bed. Sometimes I feel lazy to put something on my face specially when I'm tired but when I see the result in the morning, it worths all the efforts and money. How much more when I hear people that I look much younger than my age? And yes I can prove that they are telling the truth specially when I see someone who is younger but look older than me. Well, I think what scare me most is that now that I'm getting old but luckily there are many ways on how to look younger. Exercise, fruits, vegetable, enough rest and of course cosmetics.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Three System Mask Pack

Beauty is not complete with mask packs. I don't buy mask packs, I always depend to the freebies that I get when I buy some products at the beauty shops. When I buy at least $20 at my favorite shop, I usually get some samples and one of them is mask pack.

Now, I got these three system mask pack from tosowoong. They include at the freebies that I got when my hubby bought sets of the products. He ordered a lot that costs him around $300 that's why we got lots of freebies.

I and my hubby used the mask pack together. I think it has better quality than the freebies that I received from other beauty shops.

Sometimes we have to pamper our skin and mask pack is one of the best way to look younger, fresher and smoother skin.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blackheads Nose Pack

I also got these black heads nose pack for free from tosowoong when my hubby bought some of their products. I've never used nose packs before so I was so happy when I saw them in the box with my ordered products. I used to ignore the black heads on my nose. I mean I didn't know that I have that lots of blackheads until I used this nose pack. It's painful when I removed it from my nose but I feel happy with the result. I can't imagine that this black sticky paper will become white after pulling it from my nose. Yuck!

I feel good after using it. I feel very comfortable after knowing that my nose is clean. Unlike before, when I press my nose, something white appears to it but after using the nose pack, nothing appears anymore not only after using it but it's clean even after several days.

Again, the blackheads nose packs are another products of tosowoong.

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