Saturday, October 4, 2008

My ttong (shit) color shoes

I've got another shoes. Actually they are a little bit bigger but I like them so the salesman just added 2 more extra insoles so that they would fit me well. (The insole is the interior bottom of a shoe, which sits directly beneath the foot.) My shoe size is 225 and the shoes are 230.

I didn't wanna show them to hubby. I was afraid that they would be rejected again but he saw them in the shoe cabinet and laughed. He said he agreed with the style but the colors are very funny. He said they are "100% ttong (shit) color shoes". Ngiii... Anyway, at least he likes the style. hehe.. I told you I have to go shopping with my hubby but he's busy on weekdays. But my job is relaxing now a days because my boss is not always around so I leave work earlier. Because I live near downtown so when I finish work earlier and feel of going downtown, I drop by there and can't leave without carrying anything on my hand.

It's fall so it's hard to find colored shoes like what my hubby likes. And you know, black and brown shoes match any color of clothes, right? Anyway, I like them and my co-worker does, too! How about you?

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