Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My new foot stockings

I can't go out without wearing any socks or stockings so in summer, I have to wear foot stockings. I've got these stockings and socks for this summer.

The stockings are very comfortable and they fit well. They look good on the feet and they are very soft. They are also strong and stretchable so I don't need to worry about the hole like the experience that I had with this stockings. They are good but my hubby said that they look funny. Really? Do you think so? I know that sometimes my hubby knows better than me.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Beautiful rugs

My mother in law is very clean that sometimes makes feel tired even when I just watch her. When I visit her house, she always moves and does a lot of things which is not really important. She also does the same thing when she visits us. Even when there's nothing to do, she touches some things that is already done. Her children usually get angry with her because of her busy lifestyle. I think she's uncomfortable when she doesn't do anything. Because of that attitude, I can't count the clothes that she ruined. She's trying to make the yellow clothes into white.

When I went on a trip with hubby, we told her to take care of our house. We gave her the door's password and when we came back, the pillow cases and a blanket was ruined. The next time that we left, it was the new rug. Me and hubby were shocked to see it. I can't get angry because she's my mother in law. Do I have to change the password of our door? Do I have to let her in when we are not around? Of course, I do! I love her! Besides I know where I could get Cheap Rugs. They are Rugs with beautiful designed but with amazing prices. I know it's hard to find good rugs but that only if you don't know about the superior rugs and where to get them.

What can you say about this Area Rugs? Aren't they very special on your sight? Either if your looking for collection rugs, high quality rugs, 15 years warranty wool rugs, silk, contemporary, kids collection and a lot more, you can find them at the superior rugs online store. Superior rugs can give you the special rugs that you need. Special rugs with special prices! The only store where you can save up to 80% discount with the wonderful, high quality and beautiful designed rugs. There are different shapes, sizes and colors that you can choose from. They are so beautiful that can attract everyone's attention. Do you think it's already time to collect rugs? I think so.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Do you shave your legs?

Do you also shave your fine hair on your legs? What do you use to remove that disgusting hair? I know there are lots of products but they are too scary to use specially the one that you stick on your legs and suddenly pull it up. I never used any of them. I always think that it can cause peeling on my skin. I don't know if any of you already experienced that thing or it's just my imagination. I never shave them either. I'm afraid that the fine hair will grow into a hard one.

My hair on my legs really bothers me a lot although it's not much. I want to remove it but I don't know how. But I've got a good news on tv. I saw in one of the commercials that there's a new product that is just kind of a lotion that you put around your leg, wait for a few minutes and wash it using sponge. Voila, the fine hair is gone! Wow! I already promise myself that I would buy it soon at it comes in the store. I would buy it no matter how expensive it is. I hope it will come soon.

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Time to Shop for Shoes Online

I've noticed that I gave much attention on my face so most in my shopping lists are cosmetics. I forgot that I also need to shop for shoes and clothes specially now that the season already changed. I just realized about it when I saw these beautiful and stylish shoes at Jildor, an online store for shoes.

There are different kinds of shoes to choose from and I like most of them. Now, I'm confused which pairs I have to get from these juicy couture flats and steve madden flats. There are lots of beautiful designs and colors. I wish I could buy them all.

Of course the Devin Royal Tan Leather of tory burch reva is already included in my list.
Don't they just look simple and beautiful? I can imagine my feet wearing them in this summer. I can't wait.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

What to do when there's no cotton to use for make up?

I still have make up on my face. I forgot that I don't have any cotton. I should have bought this evening but I came late and the shop was already closed. I can just wash my face without using cleansing cream because my cleansing foam is also good in cleansing face but it can't remove my mascara. If I knew that I can't get some cotton, I should have just used the non-waterproof mascara. Now, I'm trying to use tissue but it's too rough and it dries the eye remover easily. And it leaves dark circle around my eyes. I have black eyes now and it seems like I had a match in a ring.

I think I've just bought this cotton but why don't I have any right now? I looked all over my make up drawer, in the closet and in the bathroom but I can't find any. I will never let thing thing happen again. I also need to stock some cotton.

Or do you have any idea on how to remove the waterproof mascara when there's no cotton?

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


There's a hairsalon just in front of our apartment and the hairdresser lives here in the same building. I sometimes meet her on the elevator. This evening I met her again and asked me when should I visit her shop. That's what she usually says whenever I meet her. She said she would give me a discount if I visit her.

I have a hairdresser and I haven't thought of changing her. It's the hairsalon near my former apartment and even now that we already moved, I still go there even when it takes about 40 minutes by car. I'm a regular customer of that hairsalon. The manager already changed three times but I still go there. The owner of the shop used to be a worker and now she's the one who manage it. She's the one who always treats my hair. Here's one of my hairstyle. She's my hairdresser for more than 7 years now. Do I have to change her because of my hairdresser neighbor? Besides the shop is just across the building. What do you think?

Monday, May 4, 2009

My photo albums

I bought this photo album because I needed it to separate the pictures from our travel to some countries. I like the pink one but hubby chose this.

Sometimes, I have to follow him eventhough it's against my will. Hubby's favorite color is blue and I like pink. If I live alone then my house and most of my stuffs (if not all) are pink but because I'm living with my loving husband, so I have to get what hubby wants. I'm not the only one living here so it's not right to follow all my decisions.

It took me long time arranging the photos in the album not because there are many but also remembering every good experiences that I had. Then I also took out all the albums including our wedding photos. It was fun to see and remember all the memorable things that happened in my life. Oh, memories!

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