Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My new nintendo game card

I like my new game card, the Animal Crossing Wild World. The game that promotes by Song Hye Gyo. A game where I have to work to make money, buy some furnitures, clothes and tools that I need, talk to the other animals and a lot more. The animals are so cute specially when I see them using umbrella when it's raining.

It's so much fun to play with it that I sometimes play until 4a.m. While I was playing last night, I didn't notice that the battery was getting low so it suddenly turned off without saving the game. When I started to play again today, I was surprised to see the mole that suddenly appeared beside me. It says that I turned off the game yesterday without saving it and telling me to use my head. The mole was so angry with me. Oh gosh! It's so funny.

I started with a very small house without nothing inside and made money by picking some fruits and shells along the shore. Sometimes, some animals are asking me to deliver some letters or package to their friends and they give me rewards for the job well done. Ooohhh... I enjoy it so much. I also play when I'm on the bus going to my work and on my way home.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My hairstyle and hairsalon

I change my hairstyle. I wasn't satisfied of my hairstyle that I got last month. I should've had a magic straight too. Last weekend, I went back to the hairsalon and had my hair straight. Sorry, I can't get a better picture. I did it by myself. My hubby isn't helpful enough on my blogging world. He doesn't want to help me take a picture of my new hairstyle.

If i'm curious of my hair and hairstyle, my hubby does too! He goes to his hairsalon once a month to get a haircut and sometimes magic straight. Magic straight eventhough he has short hair. We have different hairsalon. His hairdresser is a man and mine is a woman.

When hubby went to the hairsalon, he came home with this 1000ml. Basic Care Conditioning Complex pH control. Professional Formula Beauty Conditioner restores the optimal pH condition of the hair from damages caused by chemical treatment and alkalization. The Collagen Protein forms a coating on the cuticle and protects damaged hair. The Conditioning Complex enhances the shine and silky feeling of the hair.

My hubby said his hairdresser gave it to him. Now I can say that his hairsalon is better than mine.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He likes my new shoes

Oh yeah, I got another shoes and my hubby likes them. When I showed them to him, he said they are not bad. They are not bad means they are good? Okay, that only means that he likes them, right?

I usually go downtown when I finished my work earlier than my usual time. My co-worker said, I love going downtown. Not really! I just go there when I have nothing to do or when I get stressed at work. Buying something can release stress, don't you think so?

Anyway, forget about that stress and see what I've got!

What do you think of them?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Clear plastic umbrella

What would you do when you are walking in the middle of the street and it suddenly rained without carrrying any umbrella? Of course, you need to buy a plastic umbrella. Yes, this emergency plastic umbrella that you can buy for a very cheap price and can only use for a very short time. Some used only once. They throw it away after using them. You can buy them in the supermarket that is usually found in the street or at the convinience store for only $1.

But look at this, it still looks well and strong isn't it?

I can't throw this away but I don't think I can also use it for the second time. It will be funny if I use it when I go out from home. I can't even carry it on the bus or in the street because most people are throwing them away after using them. They are disposable umbrellas.

I'll just wait hubby to throw it away. hehehe...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another bag and cosmetic from Omma

Oh yeah~ another present from my mother in law. She gave them to me last weekend. She told me to use this black chanel bag when I go to work. Although it's an old bag, i'm still grateful that I got something from her specially things that she valued when she was using them.

She also showed me two pressed powder and asked me to choose one so I chose this black and square cover of Sue Devitt Studio "Quiet and Still" Silky Pressed Powder to match the bag.

My in-laws are very generous. They always give something to me. They always think of me so I don't know how to make up for the kindness that they show me. I always want to be a good daughter in law but I can't show my real feelings to them. Although I can't show it, my heart and my mind knows that I also love them as my real parents not because they give me lots of things but because they always remember me even when I'm away.

It's really amazing because whenever I think of buying something, I always receive it in advance. Actually, I was thinking of getting another bag for this fall but I already got one from my mother in law so I don't need to get more and of it's more wonderful because it came with a foundation. hehehe...Thanks Omma!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My ttong (shit) color shoes

I've got another shoes. Actually they are a little bit bigger but I like them so the salesman just added 2 more extra insoles so that they would fit me well. (The insole is the interior bottom of a shoe, which sits directly beneath the foot.) My shoe size is 225 and the shoes are 230.

I didn't wanna show them to hubby. I was afraid that they would be rejected again but he saw them in the shoe cabinet and laughed. He said he agreed with the style but the colors are very funny. He said they are "100% ttong (shit) color shoes". Ngiii... Anyway, at least he likes the style. hehe.. I told you I have to go shopping with my hubby but he's busy on weekdays. But my job is relaxing now a days because my boss is not always around so I leave work earlier. Because I live near downtown so when I finish work earlier and feel of going downtown, I drop by there and can't leave without carrying anything on my hand.

It's fall so it's hard to find colored shoes like what my hubby likes. And you know, black and brown shoes match any color of clothes, right? Anyway, I like them and my co-worker does, too! How about you?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nature Mild

We visited my sister and she gave me this set of beauty products from Nature Mild.
They are set of shampoo, rinse, and body cleanser. I haven't tried them, yet but the I like the smell of it. I have to use what is in the bathroom first. What I have noticed about them were the wrong spelling of rinse and cleanser. Instead or rinse, it is written "rince" and cleanser spelled as "cleanger". How could this product went to the market? Wasn't there any worker in that company who could speak English or could spell rinse and cleanser? Or at least they had to check out in the dictionary first before they delivered to the markets.

Can you also see the bottles? They are a little bit ruined because the box is too small for the shampoo, rinse and body cleanser. I've got bad impressions of its outside appearance so I'm hoping that the inside or the content will impress me.