Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My new nintendo game card

I like my new game card, the Animal Crossing Wild World. The game that promotes by Song Hye Gyo. A game where I have to work to make money, buy some furnitures, clothes and tools that I need, talk to the other animals and a lot more. The animals are so cute specially when I see them using umbrella when it's raining.

It's so much fun to play with it that I sometimes play until 4a.m. While I was playing last night, I didn't notice that the battery was getting low so it suddenly turned off without saving the game. When I started to play again today, I was surprised to see the mole that suddenly appeared beside me. It says that I turned off the game yesterday without saving it and telling me to use my head. The mole was so angry with me. Oh gosh! It's so funny.

I started with a very small house without nothing inside and made money by picking some fruits and shells along the shore. Sometimes, some animals are asking me to deliver some letters or package to their friends and they give me rewards for the job well done. Ooohhh... I enjoy it so much. I also play when I'm on the bus going to my work and on my way home.

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mm said...

im going to look for this game=) looks fun, how long does ur battery last?