Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fashion Earrings

I bought this accessories when I went downtown. I bought 2 sets of underwears (can't show them..hehe..) then I saw this store selling fashion earrings so I bought 4 pairs.

Actually, I was just killing my time so I spent long time choosing the pairs of earrings. After buying the underwears, I didn't have anything in mind on what to do or buy next. But I didn't wanna go home that early. I've just come and go home? Oh no! that's not fun! So I walked around and trying to look for things and I came with the earrings. I just saw some ladies buying so I chose my own and bought them.

I haven't worn the 2 pairs yet. I'm thinking of wearing them after winter. They are big and long so they don't match with scarf or turtle neck shirts.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Extreme Volume Mascara

My hubby bought 2 waterproof mascara for me on the plane when we went to Thailand but that was more than a year ago. I've been using them for more than a year now and I think they are already expired. After a few hours of wearing mascara, my eyes were turning red and painful so I decided to change it. I bought this Extreme Volume Mascara Magic Eyelash Curlier from The Face Shop. A mega volume mascara with power curling.

Extreme Volume Magic Curling System features magic lash curling brush to separate, build and curl lashes to the extreme. Balloon air formula curls lashes up further as it dries. Stubborn smudge-resistant formula easy to remove with water.

The black one is the mascara and the rest are free stuffs. They are all Miindo cosmetics. Mibeg foam, toner, emulsion, sunscreen, cream, and BB cream. I love the diamond shine lipgloss.

Here's the Mobile Mini Lipgloss. Isn't it cute? I don't have to worry when I don't carry my cosmetics pouch because my mini lipgloss is always with me wherever I go.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My new brown boots

After a long time of not going shopping, I finally decided to visit the shopping mall and get a pair of boots. I bought this brown boots but my hubby didn't like the color. I said there was no other color except black, brown and pink. I already have black ones and although I like pink, I don't like the style of those big and wide pink boots. And I usually see the kids wearing those pink ones so I had no choice but to choose these brown color.

I don't like brown but I think they look better than the other ones. My hubby said they look good on me specially when I match them with tight jeans. I think so. They don't only fit me well but I like them because they are soft and they warm my feet. Also, I got them for a cheap price.

How about you? What do you think of them?

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Sulwhasoo Skin and Emulsion

My hubby told me not to use the skin toner and moisturizer that I have now. He said it's not good for my skin so he asked his hairdresser about cosmetics. His hairdresser recommended Sulwhasoo. My hubby checked on the net and found that it has a good remark from the customers based on the reviews that he read. Buying the one in the big bottle is too expensive so he tried to order the samples.

As you see, there are lots of freebies that I received when I buy some cosmetics. Those in the small bottles are samples and they are just give aways if you buy cosmetics. My hubby ordered these Sulwhasoo samples on the net and they were delivered after 2 days.

They were samples but hubby bought these 62 pieces of 5ml bottles of Sulhwasoo Balancing water (skin/toner) and emulsion for more than 20 dollars. They are too cheap compare to the real price of Sulwhasoo not in sample pack.

The parcel came yesterday and I'm still waiting for the real outcome of this new cosmetics of mine. I hope it will give a good impression to my skin. I'm expecting a lot from it. hehe..

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gel Hand Wash, Essence and Powder

Hubby's uncle gave us this gel hand wash to avoid getting flu. I feel protected when I use it but my hands are rough after using it not to mention the alcohol smell. But because it's good, I always use it. I even put some in small bottle and always carry it wherever I go. I use the gel when I'm out specially when I get off the bus. My hubby sometimes gets angry with me because I always force him to use it before we get in the car from public places. I'm just aware of the flu.

These packs of cream and essence are from my mother in law. She said it's good for the skin. It's also gel like the picture above. It's a little bit sticky but after a few seconds it's just like cool water that you put on your face. Uhm, I don't see any difference on my face except the cool and fresh feeling on my face.

Aunt gave this Escada powder to my mother in law and my mother in law passed it to me. She said she has many face powder. Absolutely! Last time she asked me to choose the face powder that I want so I chose this powder. But I still prefer The Flower Real UV Intense Powder Pact SPF 50+PA++.

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