Friday, March 5, 2010

Miindo Mibaeg Sun Cream

It seems like winter is gonna be over soon. I hate cold weather and want it to be ended soon but I don't like hot weather either. I prefer summer than winter but I'm afraid that my skin will get sunburned. My freckles have just started to disappear so I'm worried that they would come back.

When I bought the Extreme Brush Pen Eyeliner and Extreme Volume Mascara, I received sets of Miindo Sample Products. From Foam Cleanser to Suncream. I tried it and I can say that the product is good but my hubby said Sulhwasoo is better because it's more expensive and they use natural ingredients. I agree but I only have Sulwhasoo Toner and Emulsion so I use the Miindo Foam, Cream, and Suncream. And for Essence, I use the Linitie Balancing Skin Care from my mother in law.

I'm so happy when I receive free stuffs but now I realized that it's also good for the company to give samples specially when the product is good. I tried the Miindo Mibaeg Suncream and I think it's good so I bought this Myeonghan Miindo Mibaeg Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++.

It is three or four times more expensive than my former Sunscreen so I think it's better. My former one is just SPF 42 PA++ but this Miindo is SPF50+ PA+++. I'm just worried of the sunny weather so I changed my former sunscreen.

On the left photo is another free set of Miindo and on the right is a free cosmetic pouch.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Eye Cosmetics

As I mentioned here, my eyes got irritated because of my old mascara so I bought a new one. You know, once you started to shop and changed one of your cosmetics, you always want to change the other ones. So here, I went back to the store and bought eye cosmetics.

This Extreme Brush Pen Eyeliner is a one easy stroke to define your eyes. Easy to control fine point brush lets you draw an even, flawlessly clean line without tugging, skipping or scratching. It delivers the most intense color to define your eyes. No more tears formula with glucose mimics natural tears to minimize irritation. Smuggle-free formula does not leave pigment residue after cleansing. Washes easily with tepid water. It's the same product as my new mascara, the Extreme Volume Mascara.

I also got Thefaceshop Baked Triple Color Eye Shadow. The case is so cute and so the product. You can use as a base or as a main one. Oh, the case is the same as my face powder, the The Flower Real UV Intense Powder Pact SPF 50+PA++.

And the Angle Shadow Brush. I thought the eye shadow doesn't have brush so I bought it. But it's okay, I can still use it because the brush that I used with my old eye shadows is almost giving up.

I bought the cosmetics because I received a text message telling that I could get this product for free if I buy worth $5. But instead of buying worth $5, it costs me a lot. The shadow brush already cost almost $5.

The White Tree Snow Special Gift Set, Nature's brightening solution for luminous skin. The gift set includes White Tree Snow Exfoliating Foam Cleanser, Facial Treatment Essence and Facial Treatment Cream.

I also got Mibaeg Sample Products, cotton and facial mask. (Picture above)

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