Sunday, July 1, 2012

Domina (Hydroquinone) Cream for Freckles

Domina (Hydroquinone) Cream for Freckles

I tried different kinds of cosmetics and remedies on how to remove freckles but nothing worked well. St. Dalfour worked but not so well. Besides, my freckles appeared again after I stopped using it. I also tried lemon, garlic, and other remedies that I surfed on the internet but nothing happened. I even tried to drink vinegar everyday and eat beans every night but nothing worked.

Among the cosmetics and remedies that I've ever used Domina Cream is the best! My hubby said, why didn't he know about this cream before? It seems like he's blaming himself for not buying Domina (Hydroquinone) Medical Whitening Cream earlier. It's really great for freckles and any dark spots.

We can buy it at the drugstore. You can never find it at the cosmetics store because it's a kind of medicine that cures freckles.

It's just uncomfortable to use it because your face makes it too oily and wet at night. I think it's how the cream work. And... never go out in the sun when you use it. Always put on sunblock, wear a mask and use an umbrella when you go out or else it will ruin your face instead of curing it. It's too uncomfortable but you will be surprised of the outcome after using it even in just for a few days.

I'm really satisfied with Domina Cream although it makes me feel uncomfortable at night and when I go out but you will relieved when you see how it works on your face.

It's a little bit expensive, 60g costs more than $40 but your freckles will disappear before you can empty the bottle.

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arun kumar said...

Hydroquinone has become a controversial skin-care ingredient for topical use. What is known for certain is that hydroquinone is a strong inhibitor of melanin production and for over 50 years has been established as the most effective ingredient for reducing and potentially eliminating brown skin discolorations on skin often referred to as melasma.

Saruulbayar Batkhuyag said...

Where can I buy one in Vancouver. Maybe it can be found nearby in Canada? Could you please send me any recommendation to get it to this email.

Thank you,

Laxman Shrestha said...

but I just use yesterday my face is so red why I feeling not will why

Sonia Zhang said...

Where can I buy it in Vancouver, Canada?

nestpillmart said...

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