Monday, June 10, 2013

Atrix Strong Protection Hand Cream

Hand Lotion is also one of the items that I have all year round and Atrix Strong Protection Hand Cream is the brand that I can't never change specially in winter. It makes my hands soft and my fingernails strong so they don't cut often. I always keep my fingernails long so atrix stong protection hand cream is perfect for me.

When I went to e-mart, I went to the area where I can get some toothpaste and I saw that the hand cream is on sale so I got one.

It is also 66% more compared to the other bottles so I decided to get one even if the one that I have at home has still much content. For me, buying more with the same product that we still have doesn't mean we are shopaholic but I consider them a wise buyer like me. Don't you think so?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Secret Blossom Body Wash and Sunscreen

It's now summer so Sunscreen is one of the must-have-item of the year so I went to the faceshop and was looking for my sunscreen brand but the bottle has been changed so I asked the saleslady where it was. She showed this item and said that the products has been upgraded to eco-beauty so the bottle has been changed.

Also, instead of secret blossom lotion, I decided to get the secret blossom body wash because I don't want to use lotion in summer because it makes my skin sticky. I also don't use sunscreen for my body unless if I go out under the sun. But I use sunscreen for my face even if I stay home. You know, I live on top of the building so the sun is too close to me even if I close the windows, blind and curtains. It's true! We have blind on the windows and we also have curtains to cover the whole windows so when they are closed it's too dark even in the afternoon. But still, I use sunscreen.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cute Summer Clothes

I don't usually post here the clothes that I buy but today, I think I bought the cute summer clothes so I want to share them to you. I met my friend that I haven't seen for many years and we had lunch together. On my way home, I got off downtown and decided to shop for summer clothes because it's now summer and I need to get new clothes. Look, what I've got!

Two shorts, 2 shirts and 4 pairs of short stockings. I got them for a very low price in one store. But the problem is, the saleslady didn't want to accept my credit card maybe because she gave me for a cheaper price so I paid in cash.

What worries me now, is I lost some of my allowance because if I paid by card, then it will be deducted in my husband's account but because I used card so my allowance for this month decreased. But I'm still happy because I think I got them for a very low price.

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