Friday, October 17, 2008

My hairstyle and hairsalon

I change my hairstyle. I wasn't satisfied of my hairstyle that I got last month. I should've had a magic straight too. Last weekend, I went back to the hairsalon and had my hair straight. Sorry, I can't get a better picture. I did it by myself. My hubby isn't helpful enough on my blogging world. He doesn't want to help me take a picture of my new hairstyle.

If i'm curious of my hair and hairstyle, my hubby does too! He goes to his hairsalon once a month to get a haircut and sometimes magic straight. Magic straight eventhough he has short hair. We have different hairsalon. His hairdresser is a man and mine is a woman.

When hubby went to the hairsalon, he came home with this 1000ml. Basic Care Conditioning Complex pH control. Professional Formula Beauty Conditioner restores the optimal pH condition of the hair from damages caused by chemical treatment and alkalization. The Collagen Protein forms a coating on the cuticle and protects damaged hair. The Conditioning Complex enhances the shine and silky feeling of the hair.

My hubby said his hairdresser gave it to him. Now I can say that his hairsalon is better than mine.


Jowell said...

Ohh.. silky and shiny...

You live in teh states right? Gawd! Haircuts are sooo expensive there. My monthly haircut costs me no more than 5 dollars! LOL. I like it, though.

Have a great weekend, mate! Cheers!

~Zurama~ said...

I cut my own hair. Beauty school, came in handy! :)