Saturday, October 11, 2008

Clear plastic umbrella

What would you do when you are walking in the middle of the street and it suddenly rained without carrrying any umbrella? Of course, you need to buy a plastic umbrella. Yes, this emergency plastic umbrella that you can buy for a very cheap price and can only use for a very short time. Some used only once. They throw it away after using them. You can buy them in the supermarket that is usually found in the street or at the convinience store for only $1.

But look at this, it still looks well and strong isn't it?

I can't throw this away but I don't think I can also use it for the second time. It will be funny if I use it when I go out from home. I can't even carry it on the bus or in the street because most people are throwing them away after using them. They are disposable umbrellas.

I'll just wait hubby to throw it away. hehehe...


Jowell said...

I've been wanting to buy a new umbrella since last month but I just can't get the chance to do so. LOL. Noramlly when I'm caught walking on the streets and rained suddenly poured down, I would walk to the nearest covered area as if I'm not getting wet. Explanation? Coz I've learned in MYTHBUSTERS that you get wet more if you ran! For real! Haha.

Just visiting, mate!

michaelwood59 said...

Where can i find disposable umbrella? this is cool hop hoping here drop by anytime thanks

mm said...

i used to have this kind of plastic umbrella in yellow when i was just a kid i think its from japan, when my MIL went to japan she wants to bring home plastic umbrellas but thought it would be hassle sayang! are u from japan ba? madami kse ganyan dun