Monday, March 30, 2009

Prom Dresses

They said it's hard to find the clothes to wear on each occassion specially when there are lots of people watching over you. Why is that? It's because you always want to get the attention of all the audiences. You always want to be the most prettiest girl on that night. Well, that could be hard if you don't know where to get the clothes that you wear. There are lots of stores but the most beautiful clothes that I've ever seen is here at the prom dresses online store. Yes, they are special clothes for your night. Why am I telling about the prom dresses? Because now that I'm getting older so I suddenly thought of my prom.

For me, the most memorable experience that I would never forget was when I attended prom. The time when you want to get the attention of all the audiences because of your beauty. The night when all of the eyes were on you. I know you're also excited with this special occasion that all ladies are waiting for. There are nights that you couldn't sleep because you're busy and worried about the dress that you're gonna wear on that special night. Have you already experienced that special night? If not, then I'm telling you to prepare and be confident on that special occasion. Get the attention of the audiences by wearing the most beautiful prom dress and prom shoes that you could only choose with these prom dresses. The perfect clothes for your night. Elegant, cheap and beautiful. There are lots of colors and styles that you can choose from to match your body and beauty. Be the queen of that night with the beautiful prom dresses. I wish I can attend more proms so that I can wear at least one of them. I want to experience once again the feeling of a queen wearing a nice and sexy prom dress.

Have you decided on what to wear on that night? If not, then ask the prom advice on where to purchase your prom dress online. Check out now and learn how to get your measurement. As I was reading the reviews of the customers, most of them have the positive views telling that they've got the excellent prom dresses on their special nights. I think so because most of the clothes are great. What are you waiting for, get the dress now either for you or for your ladies. Special prom dresses for a special person like you!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spoon makes you look younger in just 10 minutes?

Yes guys, you read it right! I watched tv this afternoon and saw that a spoon is another secret on how you look younger in just 10 minutes. It's unbelievable but it's true. There were groups of people who are in the same age gathered together, one woman looks very much younger than them. It seems like the people around her were her mother in law, aunt, or sister. When they asked her secret, she says she uses the spoon everyday for her beauty. I'm not saying that she uses the spoon for eating to look younger but she uses it as a massage for her face. Use the back head of the spoon and massage your face from neck to your forehead. Do it for 10 minutes and you'll see the difference. They made an experiment for this and you can really see the difference. They also asked one of the doctors and he agreed. He called that massage a limb massage. Well I tried it today and I'll try to do it everyday. Who knows it also works for me.

Why don't you try?

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lip and Eye Remover for Waterproof Mascara

I dropped by to the market to get some bread and milk. Because I was already there so I went up to the second floor to buy the Herb Day Lip and Eye Remover which is good in removing waterproof mascara. There's few left and maybe after few days my Lip and Eye Remover will be emptied.

I also bought cotton pad to use in removing some oil after using Cleansing cream. The saleslady recommended me this Silky and Soft Cotton Pad. According to its cover, it feels like feather soft on skin. It's thicker, bigger and softer than the other make up cotton pad that I used to have but the price is more than double.

As usual, I got another Pearl Essential Masksheet and two Essential Moisture Toner for free.

And because I got something for me, so I also bought 3 pairs of socks for hubby.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My day is not complete without them

You know how much I love playing with my nintendo ds. I always spend much time playing with it. I play when I'm on the bus going to work, when I go to the bathroom and before I go to bed. I can't stop once I started to play. I also bring it when I go on a long trip so I don't feel tired and bored.

My hubby also hooked on playing with the Games for the Brain and there are times that we both wanna use my nintendo together. I wish I have a nintendo wii so that we can play together at the same time. There are lots of games that I'd like to have and play. There are games that I can't only have much fun playing but also can help me lose weight.

By the way, before thinking of getting a new nintendo wii, I have to think of my sister in law's present first. Her birthday is coming soon! What do you think of this perfume for her? She likes perfumes and I think it's one of her hobbies to collect perfumes. What a great chance to see the gift ideas where we can get lots of products that we want in a very low price. It made my day complete!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My cleansing cream

Beside from my Skin Clearing Foam Cleanser, I also use Cleansing Cream when I remove my make up. I use my Lip and Eye Remover first and remove my eyeliner, eyebrow and mascara then use cleansing cream before washing my face with foam cleanser.

I used to use this Migamsu Rice Water Cleansing Cream but I change it into

Beautiful Jeong Yeon Massage Cleansing Cream. I always remove my make up while watching TV. I keep massaging my face until the drama ends so I switc to massaging cleansing cream.

The saleslady always recommends a new product when I visit the shop. When I buy something, I don't care about the price as long as the product is good. I also think that the more expensive the product is, the better it is.

As usual the Pearl Essential Masksheet is free!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taking a hot bath with milk

I always make milk shake for our breakfast but now a days we usually get up before lunch time. Instead of breakfast, I just prepare lunch so there's no time for breakfast. I was supposed to put milk on my coffee but the milk is already expired. I only made milk shake once. It's a waste if I'll throw away the more than half of it so I decided to take a hot bath and pour the milk in the bathtub.

I decided to soak my body in the bathtub for 30 minutes but before 30 minutes I felt so thirsty, weak and couldn't breathe well. I went out of the bathroom and opened the windows in the living room and sat down for a while to get some air. After a few minutes, I felt better so I went back to the bathroom to wash my nude body.

I almost died. Never stay in the bathroom for a long time because there's a possibility that we could die of suffocation.

Btw, after taking a bath with milk, my skin was very smooth so I didn't have to use lotion or moisturizer.