Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ella Morissa Jewelry

I've got Ella Morissa Jewelry Sets from my hubby. He's so sweet! I really wanted to have these jewelries but I never chose them. I usually picked cosmetics whenever he asked me to choose while we are on the plane. Because cosmetic is cheaper and I can use it. As you know, I'm a cosmetic lover.

Last month, while we are on our way home from our trip, he asked me to choose again and I chose sets of lip gloss. But he said, I have lip gloss so he asked how about this set of jewelries. Of course I was never got a second thought and I said Yes I love them. I thought he was just kidding so he filled out the form and gave it to the stewardess.

I love them! They are four sets of earrings and necklaces. They are awesome!

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