Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another bag and cosmetic from Omma

Oh yeah~ another present from my mother in law. She gave them to me last weekend. She told me to use this black chanel bag when I go to work. Although it's an old bag, i'm still grateful that I got something from her specially things that she valued when she was using them.

She also showed me two pressed powder and asked me to choose one so I chose this black and square cover of Sue Devitt Studio "Quiet and Still" Silky Pressed Powder to match the bag.

My in-laws are very generous. They always give something to me. They always think of me so I don't know how to make up for the kindness that they show me. I always want to be a good daughter in law but I can't show my real feelings to them. Although I can't show it, my heart and my mind knows that I also love them as my real parents not because they give me lots of things but because they always remember me even when I'm away.

It's really amazing because whenever I think of buying something, I always receive it in advance. Actually, I was thinking of getting another bag for this fall but I already got one from my mother in law so I don't need to get more and of it's more wonderful because it came with a foundation. hehehe...Thanks Omma!


mm said...

wow ur so lucky to have a very good MIL

Jowell said...

LUCKY YOU! I wish I knew somebody who would always shower me with gifts, too. I've already added you to my blogroll, mate. And when I do that, that means I'll be visiting your site as often as I can. Could you do the same? Is it a deal?