Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Magic Straight Hair Medicines and Stuffs

My hubby bought the iron for hair. We have to use it so we need some medicine to straighten our hair. Again, my hubby ordered online and it was delivered home after 3 days. Here's what we got.

It's a set of medicines and some stuffs use to straighten the hair. There are 4 packs of medicines, 2 white combs and 2 black ones, 2 bowls, shampoo, gloves, and plastic hair cover. All for less than $25. It's cheap isn't it? Compare to going to the hairshop and pay almost a hundred dollars for each of us.

Here are the stuffs use for straightening hair. It's complete. It feels like we are doing it in a hairsalon. hehe...

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Friday, February 24, 2012

My Make-up Cabinet

Here's my make-up cabinet with my cosmetics on it. I still have cosmetics in my bag and in the bathroom. I have lots of cosmetics that I didn't buy by myself. Most of them are from my mother in law and my hubby. Since I came here in Korea, I learned how to use make-up. There are lots of make-up to put on that takes long time to prepare. I can't leave home without putting on make-up even if I just go out to throw away some garbage. My hubby said it's too ashamed if someone sees me without any make-up.

I used to be a simple girl who doesn't wear make-up. Lipstick is just enough for me and sometimes I even don't wear any. But when I came here in Korea and got married to my hubby, I changed a lot. Sometimes, my hubby teases me that I changed my face after putting on make-up. I guess it's true. Just notice Koreans. They look much different with and without make-up.

It's normal for Koreans to get surgeries to change their looks but others who can't get an operation, they use make-up. Lots of make-up and you can see that they really change their faces. You can't recognize them when they wear make-up. It's like a magic. Yes, korean make-up can change your looks. It's truly a magic!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unix Hair

The home ceramic iron for hair that we bought online was delivered but it was in bad condition so we returned it. My hubby said, he would just buy at the department store. He went to the department store, checked out the price and compared the price online. He found out that it's cheaper to buy online so he decided to buy online instead.

Again, after three days, his order came and we are satisfied with this new one. The Unix Hair is much better than the ceramic iron.

I love the color and the style and it's in good condition. It looks good and after taking a shower, my hubby tried it on my hair and I'm so much satisfied with it. My hair is smooth, straight and lighter.

Besides, this Unix hair is available for 220V or 110V so it's okay even if we use it abroad for our next trip. Cool!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Home Ceramic Iron for Hair

Ahhhh... My hair has ruined. It looks good for two days but after washing it, it seems like my hair explodes. It's not straight anymore and it looks thicker. My hubby said it's because of the iron that he used to flatten or straighten my hair. So he checked out the online shopping and ordered a home ceramic iron.

His order was delivered at home after 3 days.

But look at it! How can we flatten or straighten our hair if there's some gap in between. Even if you press it hard, it can't eat your hair. It's too ridiculous so my hubby called and asked if they can change it.

It's possible to change it but hubby said if I want it, then I can use the edge of it. But I don't want. I'm not satisfied so it's better to exchange it or return it.

My hubby said, he cancelled it and he would just buy at the shopping store. I think that's better.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Present from Miss Lee

Someone says that she wants to send a present to me. I said just send it at work but she said the present is not for my company but for me alone. I told my co-worker about it so he recommended me to give my home address because if my boss can see it, he would bring it at home. That's what he always does when he sees presents. Even if the present is mine, he says I have to share it with my other co-workers or just pick a number and the lucky one can bring my present. He's so funny! He said just put the presents in the office. He said that when someone gave me a present. There's even a name on the present and there's a letter in the card.

But when I put the presents in the office, he brings it alone. Even if it's something to eat that needed to be shared with us or co-workers, he doesn't give anything. He brings home everything. And then he would tell that I have to put my present in the office? Even if there's a name on it and a letter? What a fu**!

Anyway, I did what my co-worker told me. I gave my home address and she sent it to me. Here's what I got.

A set of toothpaste, shampoo, rinse, soap, etc.

Thanks Miss Lee.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Backpack for our Trip

We are going on a backpack trip soon so my hubby decided to buy another backpack to use on our next trip. He ordered it online and it was delivered after 3 days. This big box contains the bag that he ordered. Just one backpack.

Here it is.

My hubby's backpack. He said, we're gonna leave and stay in our destination longer so we need more backpacks that's why he ordered one more. It's the biggest backpack that we have now.

The one on the left and one in front are the backpacks that we used when we go backpacking to another country. The red one in front is mine and the blue one is my hubby's. Now that we have three. The new red one is my hubby's because it's the biggest one and the blue one is mine. The smallest one is for passports and other documents.

Ahhh, I can't wait for our next trip.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Do the Magic Straight at Home

Ok, let's do the magice straight at home. All you need is a hair dryer, magic straight machine, magic straight medicine, comb, bowl, gloves and clip.

First shampoo your hair. Don't use rinse. Dry it with hair dryer. Put some medicine on the bowl and put on hair using the tail or the back side of the comb. Wait for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water. Again, dry your hair with hair dryer and straighten your hair with the straightening machine. Then use the step 2 medicine. Rinse again. Dry and straighten again with the machine. That's it! Too easy isn't it?

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