Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stuffs for my face

Before I'll run out of cosmetics, I have to buy in advance. Only little massage cleansing cream left, 8 cotton buds to be exact, and a little amount of lip and eye remover. Instead of buying each, I bought the three cosmetics so that I don't need to go back in that shop. I bought them all for less than $30 but the saleslady said I can get the cosmetics pouch if I'll spend more than $30. I like free stuffs so even when I have 3 cosmetics pouch, I still want to get the pouch. I just need to spend around $3 and I can have it. I shopped around and checked some cosmetics. The saleslady recommended me something but I have them although with different brands. Then I came up with the Special Natural Oil Blotting Paper. It's summer so it's hard to avoid the oily skin. And this Oil Blotting Paper has powder so I don't need to use powder after using it.

Here's what I bought. The Massage Cleansing Cream, Silky and Soft Cotton Pad, Lip and Eye Remover and Oil Blotting Paper (4 on the left). The rest are all free (stuffs on the right). They are all stuffs for my face. I know my face spends much for the make up but you know most girls are just like me. Agree?

One more thing, my cosmetics is cheaper I think. hehehe...

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our new hairsalon

Do you remember this post about the hairdresser? We met her again at the elevator and said that she would give us discount if we'll visit her shop. Last time my hubby was too lazy to visit his hairsalon so he tried the hairsalon near our place. He was satisfied with the work of the hairdresser. He said she's very good, fast and cheaper. Last week, hubby and I went there again. My hubby is always curious of his look so he goes to the hairsalon almost every month. Again, my hubby had a haircut and magic straight. I also had magic straight, haircut and dye. My hubby wasn't lying when he said that the hairdresser is very good. She's really fast and she entertained us a lot and she gave us much discount. She said she would give us the same price everytime me and my hubby go there together. She said that's a coupl and a relative price. hoho... Now, we decided to change our hairsalon because it's cheaper, better and closer to our place.

I bought this hairpin but I can't use it right now. I still don't wanna bind my hair.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Big Hug to Hughesnet

Working with the computer is fun but do you know the feeling when you're surfing the internet, creating post on your blog or sending email to your friends and then suddenly your internet connection is not working? How about when you're doing your business work using internet? When everything is gone and you need to start again because you lost what have done? It happened to me many times and I complained a lot about it. It gave me headache and much stress. I also mentioned about this things on my Twitter.

Well, not anymore! That was when I was using dial up. Now, I'm relax and feel much more comfortable since I changed my internet connection.I know you already heard about Hughesnet satelite internet. You sure did because it's the America's #1 Satellite Internet Service Provider. You can't imagine that you're using 50x faster than dial up. It's amazing! It helps you work easily and more comfortable. If you're still trouble with your connection, then it's time to switch to the satellite star internet.

By the way, there's only 2 days left to get Hughesnet free for 1 month so take the opportunity right now.

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