Monday, January 30, 2012

What to do with my cosmetics

My hubby asked which cosmetics I should bring when we leave for a vacation. We already decided where to go on our next vacation and we're gonna leave for at least three months so I have to bring enough cosmetics to use. Now, it bothers me which one I have to bring. I want to bring everything but my hubby will get angry of course. If I leave some, I think I can't use them anymore because they will be expired. Do you know that cosmetics can't last longer? Some of them can only use for about 3-6months. It depends on what kind of cosmetics it is.

Anyway, now a days, I use much cosmetics coz I'm trying to use everything the things that I can't carry with me on my vacation. If I can just send them to my sister but sending abroad is more expensive than buying. Well, I wish we are neighbors so I can give some to you. Well, what do you think is the best way to do with my cosmetics?

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Beautiful Wedding Dresses

My sister called and she said that my goddaughter is getting married so again I'm one of her sponsors on her wedding. I was suprised because I've never seen her for many years. I thought she's still the kid that I met before. Time really flies and we can't realize that kids before have already grown up. I don't know what kind of present I should give to her. Do you think a wedding dress is a good gift for her? There are lots of beautiful wedding dresses online that I can choose from. Lots of wonderful designs and colors that I think will suit well to my goddaughter.

By the way, I'm curious if she's pregnant that's why she's getting married suddenly. Anyway, it doesn't matter because the online shopping that I have found out has also lots of beautiful maternity wedding dresses just in case that she's pregnant.

I guess it's better if I'll let her know about the site so she can choose what she likes. Besides there are also mother of the bride dresses so her mom can also choose hers. Wow~, isn't it perfect?

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Luesys Herb Cleansing Cream and Cleansing Foam

Health. Emollient. Relax. Beauty. hmmm...what else? My mother gave this Luesys herb cleansing cream and cleansing foam together with the collagen essential cream. I think they are free stuffs when she bought the collagen essential skin and lotion and cream. I haven't tried them yet and I'm planning to use them when I'm out of the country instead of carrying this big bottle of fresh cleansing cream.

I wish I live near my sister's house so I can give the cosmetics that I can't use. When I see my cosmetics, I always think of my sister. I'm sure she will also love them. Anyway, I don't know when I can use this stuffs. I hope they won't be wasted like my other free cosmetics at home.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Olive Volume Magic

My hubby bought this Perfect Fusion Olive Volume Magic in the market. He told me to try to straight our hair alone. Because if we travel for many months then we have to straighten our hair without visiting hair salon in countries that we're gonna visit. I think it's really complicated to try other salon so it's better to learn it by ourselves.

The Green one is use as the first Step and Orange for step2. He also bought gloves and pins.

My hubby said he will do my hair and I will do his. Well, let's see what will happen next. Well, one thing for sure! I don't wanna be bald after applying this magic straight on my hair specially if my hubby does it for me. Ugh!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dramatic Silhouette Body Lotion

Another body lotion from my mother in law. I don't know if my mother in law is addicted of buying cosmetics or just she loves me so she always gives presents to me or because she wants to change my appearance or wants me to be pretty. Whatever her reason is, I love what she does specially when she gives cosmetics.

I don't know the brand of this Pure Dramatic Silhouette Body Lotion and I just tried it once and decided to use the body lotion that I'm using now. Well, what is this Body Happiness written on this lotion?

Well, well, well.... I love the color and I love receiving lotion so I love it.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Atrix Strong Protection Cream

I have handlotion that my co-worker gave me but I don't use it often. I just like the smell of the cranberry scent but it dries my hands. My skin is still dry even if I use it many times so I told my hubby to buy me my brand lotion. He went to the supermarket and bought me this Atrix Strong Protection with Aloe Vera hand lotion.

He said he can save more with this newly pack hand lotion so he got one for $4 only.

There are two hand lotions. One contains 150ml and the small one is 60ml. I use much lotion now a days because of the weather. My hubby doesn't usually use lotion but when he tried it, he said it's really good one. It doesn't have a good smell but it moisturizes the skin.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Fresh Cleansing Cream

You won't believe it! I got another present from my mother in law! My hubby said I can't use all my cosmetics so he told her to stop buying cosmetics for me. My hubby is right but I love receiving presents specially cosmetics. And this fresh cleansing cream looks good so I stop using the older one and tried this Chot (first) mul (water) nokcha (green tea) fresh cleansing cream.

This Chotmul Nokcha cleansing cream cleanses and moisturizes the skin.

My make-up cabinet is almost full again eventhough I didn't bring my old cosmetics at home. I can't wait for the results that this cosmetics would bring to my skin. hehehe...

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Collagen Essential Cream

My mother in law visited us again. Again she brought another cosmetics that she said she forgot to give when she gave me this Collagen Essential Skin and Lotion. Yes, she brought me this Collagen Essential Cream. Yes, it is now complete! Skin, Lotion and Cream. Perfect! I hope it also makes my skin perfect. hehehe...

Collagen Essential Cream helps remove wrinkles because it tightens the pores and gives nutrition to skin. I always look at the mirror when I apply it. I feel that I'm getting younger specially when I wake up in the morning.

I love cosmetics! One of the cosmetics company always send me text when there's new arrival products or if there's a big sale or discount to get for VIP customers like me. But since I stayed here in the Island, my mother in law always send or give me some cosmetics. Maybe she thinks I can't buy any cosmetics here in Jeju Island so she sends me different kinds of cosmetics.

Thanks mother in law!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Green Gram Soft Peeling Gel

This Green Gram Soft Peeling Gel is another beauty product that my mother in law gave me. She told me to use it twice a week so I apply it every Tuesday and Saturday. I apply it after washing my face. I can feel that it peels my skin because of the white dirt that comes out from my face. I feel good after applying it because it moisturizes and soften my skin.

The peeling gel from Enprani cleanses, purify and moisturizes the skin. It is also an oil control cosmetic so you can see and feel the differences when you apply it on your face.

I've been using it for many months and just now that I decided to share it. Just because I think it's good for the skin and I can see some good result on my face so I'm sharing it to you.

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