Thursday, September 4, 2008

My face powder

I was fixing my make up when I suddenly fell down my foundation so it crushed and became powder. When I opened it, there's some powder that leaves on my hands or blouse so I don't use it anymore. I bought a new one.

I only bought that powder that is in the box and I got all the remaining products for free. The two small bottles are toner and moisturizer and that big bottle is a corn silk tea which is one of my favorite drinks. They said the tea is good for our health and skin that's why they are giving away this tea if you'll buy some cosmetics. Too strange, I think! They can just give samples of cosmetics but they sometimes give something to eat or drink, too! Last time I also received a chocolate when I bought suncream. I thought it was also a cosmetic but even when I looked it closer and read the bar many times, it was really a chocolate so I had a taste of it and it really was.

Here's my face powder. The Flower Real UV Intense Powder Pact SPF 50+PA++.

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Margareth said...

i bought the same compact, i didn't get the free tea though, the sales lady said that not only is it spf 50 but it's also oil control, sorta like maybelline's clear smooth shine free face powder. do you find this to be true? i just haven't compared the two yet. am still finishing my maybelline one. hopefully i don't look as pink with the face shop's product as i do with the maybelline compact.