Friday, September 19, 2008

stockings and straps

I know summer will be over soon but because it's still hot so I bought this foot stockings and windbag brassiere straps. It's already September and there's no sign of fall season. You'll still see ladies wearing shorts, skirts and sleeveless shirt.

I can't go out without wearing stockings or socks so I have to wear these stockings even when I wear high heels shoes. These stockings are a little bit thicker so I'm thinking of wearing them later. I still prefer to use the thin ones because it's still hot.

As what I've said, it's still hot so I still wear summer clothes so I can still use these brassiere straps. Although I already have, I don't like it when I change the straps so at least these pairs of windbag could help specially when I'm a hurry.

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