Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Gifts

It was Thanksgiving Day yesterday so we spent our holidays (Friday-Sunday) at my parents in law's house. I was in the bedroom when my mother in law came and took something from the cabinet and gave me a small jewelry box.

When I opened it, look what i've got from her. Another set of silver earrings and a necklace.

I said "another" because she also gave me a set of jewelries last time not only earrings and a necklace but with a set of bracelet and a ring. Unfortunately, I lost the bracelet which I still regret until now.

Not only that. I also got a giorgio armani sunglasses from my father in law.

This is also my second sunglasses gift that I got from my father in law. The first one was when he went to China and he gave me sunglasses as a remembrance from his travel. My hubby said, I look like a celebrity with those sunglasses which made me laughed out loud.

Although my in laws usually give me some presents even when there's no occasion but it still surprised me when I received this gifts because I always don't expect of receiving anything from them. They are so sweet and I'm always grateful for their love, kindness and care.

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