Sunday, September 7, 2008

My new hairstyle

I went to the hairsalon to get a haircut and had my hair dyed. Just the same color as what I had. Blonde hair. That's the hairsalon that I always go to. I'm their regular customer. The owner of that hairsalon was already changed four times. And when the owner changed, the workers changed, too! The owner now was a former worker before. She told her employee what my hairstyle is but I told her that I just want them to dye my hair and get a haircut. I used to get a magic straight, blonde and haircut so she asked me why not the magic straight. I said because I want them to cut my hair short so I don't need a magic straight.

When she was cutting my hair she asked me if that was enough so I told her to cut more. Now I have my shoulder length hair. After long years of not getting a short haircut, I now feel different. My hair is lighter and I don't need to worry on how to bind my hair. I don't need to spend much shampoo and rinse, either. And I don't need to spend much time washing and drying it. And the most important thing, my hubby likes my new hairstyle. hehehe...

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