Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I like those shoes

It was too early to come home so I dropped by to the downtown last night. I decided to walk around and window shop so I saw a pair of shoes. I'd like to buy them but I'm worried that my hubby will not like them. When I buy stuffs which is something expensive, I have to go out with my hubby because if he didn't like the stuff, he would never allow me to wear it.

I want the shoes and I almost bought them but I suddenly thought of my hubby. Instead of buying the shoes I bought this sleeping dress.

My hubby likes red and I'm glad that he likes it. I bought it because it's not too expensive so it's okay even when I don't wear it. When I came home, I also told him about the leather shoes and explained the style. He told me to go back to the shopping mall tonight and take a photo of those shoes and show him. Ngiiii....I like the shoes but I don't want to go in that store again just to take a picture. I'll just go back there if I'll buy them. Hmmmmpp....

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