Monday, December 26, 2011

Collagen Essential Skin and Lotion

I saw this Collagen Essential Skin and Lotion by Tony Moly on my make-up drawer. My hubby said that my mother in law came and brought it for me. Wow~ I've never had this kind of skin and lotion before. I have much toner and moisturizer but they are just sample or free stuffs from the cosmetics that I bought. They are not all free though because my hubby bought sulhwasoo skin and lotion but still they are just sample stuffs that are sold by the cosmetic shop for a low price.

This Concentrated Skin Perfect Solution with marine extracted Collagen makes visible and touchable improvement. Advance moisturizing and nourishing and anti-wrinkle effects.

It's been 3days now since I started to use it and I can see some improvement on my skin. My skin is softer and I feel that I'm getting younger. Thanks mother in law for this special gift.

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