Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cranberry Joy Hand Cream

When I came in the office, I saw a small box in the drawer.

I asked one of my co-workers but he said he didn't know whose present it was. Around 6p.m., my night shift co-worker came and said that somebody was looking for me last Sunday but it was my day-off so she left the gift and told my co-worker to give it to me. I was surprised. I didn't expect this gift. Thanks sister for this Cranberry Joy Hand Cream from Body Shop. The moisturizing cream bursting with the scent of fresh berries. I love it!

The hand cream is so cute and it smells cranberries. I always want to have a taste of it whenever I put some on my hand. It smells sweet and delicious. I really love the smell. It smells like cranberry cake or ice cream.

Thanks sis for this gift! How sweet of you! You're voice is not only sweet but also your personality. Too bad that we couldn't meet in person. I hope we could have a chance to meet the next time that you visit here. Thanks a lot for this wonderful present.

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