Saturday, January 7, 2012

Collagen Essential Cream

My mother in law visited us again. Again she brought another cosmetics that she said she forgot to give when she gave me this Collagen Essential Skin and Lotion. Yes, she brought me this Collagen Essential Cream. Yes, it is now complete! Skin, Lotion and Cream. Perfect! I hope it also makes my skin perfect. hehehe...

Collagen Essential Cream helps remove wrinkles because it tightens the pores and gives nutrition to skin. I always look at the mirror when I apply it. I feel that I'm getting younger specially when I wake up in the morning.

I love cosmetics! One of the cosmetics company always send me text when there's new arrival products or if there's a big sale or discount to get for VIP customers like me. But since I stayed here in the Island, my mother in law always send or give me some cosmetics. Maybe she thinks I can't buy any cosmetics here in Jeju Island so she sends me different kinds of cosmetics.

Thanks mother in law!

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