Monday, May 4, 2009

My photo albums

I bought this photo album because I needed it to separate the pictures from our travel to some countries. I like the pink one but hubby chose this.

Sometimes, I have to follow him eventhough it's against my will. Hubby's favorite color is blue and I like pink. If I live alone then my house and most of my stuffs (if not all) are pink but because I'm living with my loving husband, so I have to get what hubby wants. I'm not the only one living here so it's not right to follow all my decisions.

It took me long time arranging the photos in the album not because there are many but also remembering every good experiences that I had. Then I also took out all the albums including our wedding photos. It was fun to see and remember all the memorable things that happened in my life. Oh, memories!

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Tey said...

I will be off from work soon, and you just gave me an idea what should I do.. Arrange my photo albums... lol..
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kcatwoman said...

at least blue works for both guys and women