Tuesday, May 5, 2009


There's a hairsalon just in front of our apartment and the hairdresser lives here in the same building. I sometimes meet her on the elevator. This evening I met her again and asked me when should I visit her shop. That's what she usually says whenever I meet her. She said she would give me a discount if I visit her.

I have a hairdresser and I haven't thought of changing her. It's the hairsalon near my former apartment and even now that we already moved, I still go there even when it takes about 40 minutes by car. I'm a regular customer of that hairsalon. The manager already changed three times but I still go there. The owner of the shop used to be a worker and now she's the one who manage it. She's the one who always treats my hair. Here's one of my hairstyle. She's my hairdresser for more than 7 years now. Do I have to change her because of my hairdresser neighbor? Besides the shop is just across the building. What do you think?

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