Friday, May 22, 2009

Do you shave your legs?

Do you also shave your fine hair on your legs? What do you use to remove that disgusting hair? I know there are lots of products but they are too scary to use specially the one that you stick on your legs and suddenly pull it up. I never used any of them. I always think that it can cause peeling on my skin. I don't know if any of you already experienced that thing or it's just my imagination. I never shave them either. I'm afraid that the fine hair will grow into a hard one.

My hair on my legs really bothers me a lot although it's not much. I want to remove it but I don't know how. But I've got a good news on tv. I saw in one of the commercials that there's a new product that is just kind of a lotion that you put around your leg, wait for a few minutes and wash it using sponge. Voila, the fine hair is gone! Wow! I already promise myself that I would buy it soon at it comes in the store. I would buy it no matter how expensive it is. I hope it will come soon.

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