Monday, May 25, 2009

Beautiful rugs

My mother in law is very clean that sometimes makes feel tired even when I just watch her. When I visit her house, she always moves and does a lot of things which is not really important. She also does the same thing when she visits us. Even when there's nothing to do, she touches some things that is already done. Her children usually get angry with her because of her busy lifestyle. I think she's uncomfortable when she doesn't do anything. Because of that attitude, I can't count the clothes that she ruined. She's trying to make the yellow clothes into white.

When I went on a trip with hubby, we told her to take care of our house. We gave her the door's password and when we came back, the pillow cases and a blanket was ruined. The next time that we left, it was the new rug. Me and hubby were shocked to see it. I can't get angry because she's my mother in law. Do I have to change the password of our door? Do I have to let her in when we are not around? Of course, I do! I love her! Besides I know where I could get Cheap Rugs. They are Rugs with beautiful designed but with amazing prices. I know it's hard to find good rugs but that only if you don't know about the superior rugs and where to get them.

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Tey said...

we are planning to make have ahard wood floor because carpet is too hard to maintain. I might be needing area rugs by then. Thanks for sharing
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Jessica said...

Find a large selection of modern rugs from Spacify.