Saturday, May 9, 2009

What to do when there's no cotton to use for make up?

I still have make up on my face. I forgot that I don't have any cotton. I should have bought this evening but I came late and the shop was already closed. I can just wash my face without using cleansing cream because my cleansing foam is also good in cleansing face but it can't remove my mascara. If I knew that I can't get some cotton, I should have just used the non-waterproof mascara. Now, I'm trying to use tissue but it's too rough and it dries the eye remover easily. And it leaves dark circle around my eyes. I have black eyes now and it seems like I had a match in a ring.

I think I've just bought this cotton but why don't I have any right now? I looked all over my make up drawer, in the closet and in the bathroom but I can't find any. I will never let thing thing happen again. I also need to stock some cotton.

Or do you have any idea on how to remove the waterproof mascara when there's no cotton?

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