Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hand Lotion and my free stuffs

I received a message on my cellphone from The Face Shop cosmetics store. It says I could receive a present if I would purchase over $7. I had to get the present but I didn't know what to buy. Then I thought it would be better if I could also change my hand lotion with the face shop.

I use to Atrix Strong Protection Lotion in the winter and Neutrogena New Hands Hand Cream with Soybean Extract SPF 18 in the summer. Neutrogena SPF 18 also helps reduce and prevent brown spots but it dries my hands and it's expensive so I only use it in the summer. Atrix moisturizes the skin so I like it in the winter. But because of the present that I'd like to have so I switch to Rich Hand with Almond. (The round one that looks like my Massaging Cleansing Cream.)

Rich Hand Almond is a non-sticky, easily absorbed moisturizer that delivers mositure and softness to dry and rough hands. It is an Organic Marula Oil for hand and foot treatment. You can see the good effect as soon as you use it but I don't like the oil smell.

And here's what I got as a present. A set of Wrinkle Stop (Absolute). A toner, emulsion and cream.

I tried not to do this Spoon Massage to know if it will work well on me and yes, it does.

Besides from Wrinkle Stop, I also received that make up wet tissue (the blue one at the 2nd picture) and mask (white one).

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Tey said...

there is one thing in common between us.. Vain,...lols.. I love pampering myself and there is nothing wrong about that. Keepmaking yourself beautiful my friend
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