Monday, April 6, 2009

Get that job

Who said that it's hard to find a job or hard to get the position that you want in your company? Of course it is, if you don't know about the job hunting experts. If you are willing to get the job that you're looking for, join some workshops and seminars to learn about the position that you wish to hold. The free job networking event is waiting for you on May 6th where they are giving education for job hunters. Don't miss that opportunity.

Do you wanna know if you are an effective job hunter? Take the ninja quiz and find out if you meet the standards of a job hunter. Or take the resume help quiz and get the chance to win the resume makeover contest. Resume is one of the most important documents that we need when applying a job so it's important to have the best resume to get the job that we want.

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Tey said...

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