Saturday, April 11, 2009

Body lotion and feet gloves

My mother in law came here again. She said she bought this iflorr Garden Aroma Body Lotion for me. I showed her this lotion that I bought two months ago that I haven't used, yet. But she said this lotion is much better.

Eventhough it's not better but it's a present and it's from her so I have to accept it. I love presents and free things, don't you? The lotion has a good smell and it's for all skin types. My mother in law said it's not just a body lotion because it's also good to use for the face. Really? I tried it for my body and it's not bad specially the aroma smell. I like it.

Btw, as you can see the picture, my mother in law didn't only buy for me but also for my hubby. Those socks where you can insert your toes are for my hubby. I called them feet gloves because of those fingers design.

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