Saturday, October 6, 2012

TonyMoly Florida Nutra-Energy Toner and Emulsion with Argan Oil

It's obvious that this TonyMoly Florida Nutra-Energy Toner and Emulsion with Argan Oil are another freebies from TonyMoly. Usually if not always, you can get this kind of freebies in a tiny bottle if you buy any kind of cosmetics at the beauty shop. Well, because of the lots of freebies that my hubby received, they are the least that I paid attention of. I'm not so interested with them because I have lots of toner and moisturizer but I'm sure they are the ones that I can depend on after using everything that I have or they are the cosmetics that I always bring when I'm out of town or when I spend the night outside like when we go camping or gather together with my in-laws. They are too comfortable to bring with. Oh btw, I also have this kind of toner and emulsion in my cosmetic bag. I sometimes use it as a handlotion when I don't have any.

My hubby said this Florida toner and emulsion is for 20's. I already heard before that each age suits different cosmetics. So the ones that my hubby bought is for 30's and this Florida is for 20's. I already knew about it but I didn't care. I just used what I have in my cabinet. But this time, I will pay attention with it. My hubby said that we have to take care of our skin. No matter how expensive the cosmetic is, it's ok if it can make us pretty or handsome. WHOA!

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