Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Racere Sandals

I was at work when my hubby called me and said that he was at the department store to buy some sandals for me. I have mentioned the night before that I need some sandals at work so he went to the department store to get a pair for me. He explained what the sandals look like and I said that it's okay whatever design he wanted. Then finally, he decided to take a picture of the sandals and send them on my cellphone. I was with my co-worker when he sent them and my co-worker said that they look beautiful.

When I went home, my hubby showed gave them to me. Here they are. Too bad that the sandals are more beautiful in the picture when my hubby sent them to me. But they aren't bad at all, are they?

They are not so expensive. They are less than $30 and they look well on my feet. They don't look good with jeans though so I like to wear them when I go out with my long skirts.

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