Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unix Hair

The home ceramic iron for hair that we bought online was delivered but it was in bad condition so we returned it. My hubby said, he would just buy at the department store. He went to the department store, checked out the price and compared the price online. He found out that it's cheaper to buy online so he decided to buy online instead.

Again, after three days, his order came and we are satisfied with this new one. The Unix Hair is much better than the ceramic iron.

I love the color and the style and it's in good condition. It looks good and after taking a shower, my hubby tried it on my hair and I'm so much satisfied with it. My hair is smooth, straight and lighter.

Besides, this Unix hair is available for 220V or 110V so it's okay even if we use it abroad for our next trip. Cool!

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