Friday, February 24, 2012

My Make-up Cabinet

Here's my make-up cabinet with my cosmetics on it. I still have cosmetics in my bag and in the bathroom. I have lots of cosmetics that I didn't buy by myself. Most of them are from my mother in law and my hubby. Since I came here in Korea, I learned how to use make-up. There are lots of make-up to put on that takes long time to prepare. I can't leave home without putting on make-up even if I just go out to throw away some garbage. My hubby said it's too ashamed if someone sees me without any make-up.

I used to be a simple girl who doesn't wear make-up. Lipstick is just enough for me and sometimes I even don't wear any. But when I came here in Korea and got married to my hubby, I changed a lot. Sometimes, my hubby teases me that I changed my face after putting on make-up. I guess it's true. Just notice Koreans. They look much different with and without make-up.

It's normal for Koreans to get surgeries to change their looks but others who can't get an operation, they use make-up. Lots of make-up and you can see that they really change their faces. You can't recognize them when they wear make-up. It's like a magic. Yes, korean make-up can change your looks. It's truly a magic!

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