Friday, February 17, 2012

Present from Miss Lee

Someone says that she wants to send a present to me. I said just send it at work but she said the present is not for my company but for me alone. I told my co-worker about it so he recommended me to give my home address because if my boss can see it, he would bring it at home. That's what he always does when he sees presents. Even if the present is mine, he says I have to share it with my other co-workers or just pick a number and the lucky one can bring my present. He's so funny! He said just put the presents in the office. He said that when someone gave me a present. There's even a name on the present and there's a letter in the card.

But when I put the presents in the office, he brings it alone. Even if it's something to eat that needed to be shared with us or co-workers, he doesn't give anything. He brings home everything. And then he would tell that I have to put my present in the office? Even if there's a name on it and a letter? What a fu**!

Anyway, I did what my co-worker told me. I gave my home address and she sent it to me. Here's what I got.

A set of toothpaste, shampoo, rinse, soap, etc.

Thanks Miss Lee.

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