Sunday, February 19, 2012

Home Ceramic Iron for Hair

Ahhhh... My hair has ruined. It looks good for two days but after washing it, it seems like my hair explodes. It's not straight anymore and it looks thicker. My hubby said it's because of the iron that he used to flatten or straighten my hair. So he checked out the online shopping and ordered a home ceramic iron.

His order was delivered at home after 3 days.

But look at it! How can we flatten or straighten our hair if there's some gap in between. Even if you press it hard, it can't eat your hair. It's too ridiculous so my hubby called and asked if they can change it.

It's possible to change it but hubby said if I want it, then I can use the edge of it. But I don't want. I'm not satisfied so it's better to exchange it or return it.

My hubby said, he cancelled it and he would just buy at the shopping store. I think that's better.

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