Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let's play paintball

When I went on a trip to Baguio Philippines, there is a place in the park where you can play paintball. I really wanted to try it but I was worried of my clothes. What if my favorite clothes were ruined? Then I realized that we can also wear paintball clothes. When I think of it, I always blame myself for not trying the game. I wanted to have some experience on my adventure and I think playing paintball is adventurous.

Here in Korea specially in Jeju where I'm staying now have lots of forests. I sometimes imagine to play paintball with my friends. Or I think it's a great business to open a paintball game here in Jeju. I've never seen any during my travel here and I don't think there is one. If I have a chance, I want to open a business about paintball specially now that I found a great site where we can get good quality and affordable sports wear and accessories that we need in playing baseball, softball and of course paintball. There are also lots of paintball guns to choose from. So, let's hurry! The online shopping for sportswear offered free shipping if you order over $25 and hassle free 60 days return. Thinking of the game makes me feel excited. Do you wanna play with me?

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