Thursday, December 15, 2011


Naebok is Korean underwear that is wear on winter specially grandparents and children. Wearing naebok makes you warm in the winter. My mother in law bought me a pair of naebok on my first winter here in Korea. She gave me red naebok so my hubby said I look so funny whenever I wear the set of naebok. For me, it was great specially the laces. But after watching tv several times, I realized that red naebok is really funny. It is used by comedian actors when they make fun of others. Since then, I never wore my red naebok. My hubby bought me red or white naebok. That was better. But later on, I found out that it's also funny for others to wear naebok. There are lots of people wearing naebok but mostly grandparents do. I don't care though because it's better to wear naebok than feeling cold all day.

It's winter again and we are here in the island for vacation. It's too much to bring naebok when you're on vacation so my mother in law bought me a pair of naebok again when she came to visit us. This time, it's not red but pink. But my hubby said it looks funny again. He said it's the kind of naebok that halmoni or grandmothers wear. My hubby doesn't want me to wear it.

Here's the naebok. Do you really think it's funny? I think it's cute. It's like night dress isn't it?

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