Monday, November 14, 2011

Face it Extreme Mascara

I told hubby to buy me a mascara instead of hamburger. He came home with this FACE IT Extreme Mascara Magic Eyelash Curlier. A mega volume mascara with powerful curling!

Extreme Volume Magic Curling System features magic lash curling brush to separate, build and curl lashes to the extreme. It has the Balloon Air Formula that curls lashes up further as it dries. No eyelash curler needed to achieve the look of perfectly curled lashes. It is a stubborn smudge-resistant formula so it's easy to remove with water!

Hubby said he would buy a set of hamburger for me after meeting his friends. But because it was night and I already had dinner and I don't wanna have anything late at night so I told him to buy me mascara instead. I chose mascara because my mascara is almost empty. I gave him my point card so he could get more free stuffs but when he came, he only had the mascara. He said they didn't give him free stuffs. Ahhh, they are too bad. I'm not sure if it's because a man bought cosmetics or they don't really give free stuffs in the Jeju Island. They are too selfish! Unlike the shops in the mainland, they give free stuffs even if you don't have a membership card. And they give more if you have it.

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