Friday, May 20, 2011

My Make-up Kit

I was cleaning my drawer and decided to take a picture of my cosmetics. They are my brand of cosmetics. Mostly they are bought at the Face Shop. The rest brands are presents from my mother in law. The free toner and moisturizers are in the brown box and in the blue box are sample toner and moisturizer bought by my hubby online. He just heard that they are good and told me to try them.

In the front that in packs are all free stuffs. They are cream and masks pack. I just love buying cosmetics. I think it's my hubby's fault because he always recommends me to buy something. He always says, I should have like this or like that. Anyway, he never complains when I buy cosmetics no matter how much it is. Besides, I think he likes it when he sees me buying a new one.

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